Symbols and Mascots

"Willie the Warrior" was used on and off till the '80's, Its origin is unknown. It is considered to be offensive to native Americans, and is now only considered as a piece of history.

Below, The original monogram for Washington High had the letters SFHS, as it was the only high school in the city. It was designed by senior Edmund Swartz in 1906. It is still used today.

This symbol was used for the 1912 yearbook.

T he Washington Historical Committee Crest  is derived from the crest of George Washington, with school colors substituted for Washington's white and red, and the lamp of knowledge in place of the knight's helm. The green stands for growth.   The stars stand for the three senior high classes, and the bars for the path to knowledge and the path to success. The headband with feathers stands for the Warrior school nickname. Note that one of the books is the Warrior yearbook