Memorabilia Donations

If you have memorabilia from old WHS, and wish to donate it to the Historical Committee, you may drop it off at the Washington Pavilion Front Desk, at new WHS front desk, or send it to:


% Washington Pavilion

301 S. Main Avenue, 

Sioux Falls SD 57104

Not all donated material will be displayed in Alumni Hall.  Donated material will become the property of the Washington High School Historical Committee

Some examples of Old WHS memorabilia to donate: Old textbooks, student or teacher manuals, photos, (photos of the building, rooms, etc. are difficult to find, so these are a high need items. ) Some Yearbooks, student publications (CHIPS, etc.), posters, videos, menus, student or staff announcements, etc.  Some items we have many of or no room for more include: Trophys, awards, group photos of bands, chorus, athletic teams, etc..  diplomas, jackets, or sweaters.  If you have a question about a donation, email us or message on facebook.